Friday, 29 May 2015

Amsterdam Sculpture Exhibition 2015

In the southern, prewar part of the city of Amsterdam there's a grand boulevard called 'Apollolaan'. You'll find it in the street map running from the lower right side to mid left, parallel to the blue strip of water. Click it to open Google Maps for a more extensive view.

At the lower right corner of the map you can read 'Apollohal', a sports centre. The 'Streamer' I wrote about in my post of March 27 is just opposite this hall, between the two lanes. The Apollo Boulevard, which runs for about a mile, has two one-way lanes enclosing a strip of turf and bushes of, I guess, forty feet in width.

For several years now, on this strip, there has been an annual summer exhibition of sculptures of international artists and the 2015 edition has been opened by our former queen Beatrix, recently. I thought you might like to have a look. Open this link of Art Zuid and watch the show. Slides will refresh automatically. Here's a preview.

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