Friday, 28 April 2017

De Cucullina Rubra Fabula

Red Riding Hood in Latin

"In casa prope ora silvae vixerunt mater et ab omnibus amata filia. Maxime autem omnium eam amabat avia quae in altera silvarum parte habitabat. Die puellae natali dederat ei paenulam rubram quam ipsa ut puella diu gerere solita fuerat. Ex eo proneptis cucullo rubro paenulam cotidie gerebat quam ob rem latus ei nomen Cucullinae dedit Rubrae."

This is the first paragraph of my personal representation of 'Red Riding Hood' written in Latin and situated in a classical setting. It offers a new and intriguing perspective on this age-old fairy tale, not least by its lively dialogue between the young heroin and the big bad wolf, which is quite different than tradition has it.

Read the complete tale by clicking the picture link below.

If you don't read Latin – a forgivable imperfection, these days – don't hesitate to order the English (or Dutch) translation available on demand. You'll find the appropriate link at the bottom of the story.