Thursday, 7 November 2013

Saint George - 21. Epilogue

In some ancient chronicles it is told that afterwards the officer, presumably, rode to the pond, raised his sword over it and told the fishermen to cast their nets, which shortly thereafter they hauled onto the bank brimming with fish. This Miraculous-Draught-of-Fish redux is in serious doubt. One suffices.
With the monster out of the way the fish stock will have recovered by itself soon enough.
That the border patrol was passing by that very day was not exactly coincidental, of course. For the benefit of men of science God simply loves to make His miracles appear as inconspicuous as possible, in accordance with the laws of nature and probability if only He can help it.
After his defeat in the council the junior councillor had retired to his study and abstained from any involvement in subsequent events. When by and by the dust had settled he noted with heartfelt pleasure that once again there was as much joy and love in the land as before the dragon's advent.

English translation by Ronald Langereis © 2013
from the Dutch, "Sint Joris" by Belcampo, 1983

The first episode of this tale is called:
1. The Oasis
and can be found here.
From there, you can read all the way up
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